Rebel Yoga is a holistic practice that combines the ancient teachings of yoga along with current modalities to create a dynamic system that works on all layers of the physical and emotional bodies, where movement and stillness merge together as one, enabling us to live a life of radical aliveness.

A REBEL is someone who has refused to be told what is Truth. For better or worse, we’ve gone through the fire to face our demons to discover what Truth is for us. In this process of going through the fire and coming out the other side we forgive those who have hurt us and those we have hurt. By exposing the darkness of the Shadow we’re able to let the light of the Soul shine through, ultimately weakening the power of the Ego and putting an end to the Ego’s mantra “I’m not good enough” and allowing the mantra of the heart I AM LOVE to resonate through every cell of our being. The survival of our planet depends on each and every one of us to WAKE UP. It is our deepest desire to create a more loving and peaceful planet.